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What Happens to Your Belongings After a Disaster?

2/7/2020 (Permalink)

Big storage boxes in a warehouse We have a large warehouse for in-house storage where your items will be safe and secure.

Water and fire damage affect not only the structure of your house but also your belongings. SERVPRO of Raytown/East Kansas City understands that your home is more than a structure. Your furniture, clothing, keepsakes, and other belongings are important to you. Your belongings are important to us, which is why we provide the following to help restore and protect your belongings while we are restoring your home.


If your home requires extensive restoration or cleaning, SERVPRO of Raytown/East Kansas City can conduct an organized, efficient move-out of the affected area. A move-out will provide several benefits, including the following:

  • A quicker remodeling process
  • Protecting items from potential damage
  • Protecting contents from further on-site damage

When restoration is completed, we will work with you to coordinate the move-in according to your needs. The services offered upon move-in may depend on your insurance coverage.

On-Site Storage

We have in-house storage where we can keep your belongings safe from further damage, and can provide cleaning and restoration services for your belongings. We have four warehouses dedicated to storage where we can keep your items safe and secure. Your items will be placed in clearly identified and secured containers. You can rest assured that your items are being taken care of.

Contents Claim Inventory Service

When emergency strikes, the damage can often feel overwhelming. We can help ease the worry and confusion during the recovery process by offering our Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS), which provides a detailed and accurate list of your belongings. We take a room-by-room inventory of your contents, including digital photos, and in some instances, bar coding.

Our Contents Claim Inventory Service:

  • Preloss list and value of contents
  • Detailed and accurate report
  • Better information to settle claims quicker
  • Assistance with burden of proof for claims

If your home and belongings need restoration services, rest assured that SERVPRO of Raytown/East Kansas City has you covered. We can pack out, store and restore your belongings. Give us a call today at 816-737-8776. 

3 Benefits Adjusters Receive When Working with Restoration Companies

1/27/2020 (Permalink)

Warehouse with water equipment. Air movers, humidifiers, SERVPRO trucks Water restoration equipment

SERVPRO Provides Numerous Benefits To You and Your Client

As part of your profession as an insurance adjuster, you will need to work with other companies to provide clients with coverage and other related services. At the same time, you need to keep claim costs as low as possible. Therefore, it is critical to choose the best emergency restoration company for a thriving relationship. Companies like SERVPRO provide numerous benefits that you and your client can enjoy.

Certifications and Expertise

The restoration process requires precision and professionalism since these businesses are in a vulnerable state. A professional company employs technicians whose training meets strict IICRC standards and have years of experience. These employees continue to take courses to update and refine their skills. Your clients can expect workers who respond to situations immediately and repair water or fire damage using advanced techniques and equipment.

Accessible Claims Information

When you handle a client's insurance claim, you will need quick, reliable access to information that will help you make sound decisions. A professional restoration service can offer access to an electronic claims center that will have everything an insurance adjuster needs.

Access to files on new, current and completed jobs
Loss inventory
Project paperwork and forms
Photos and other visual references
Job estimate
Project performance comparison to set standard

Determining the extent of the damage and the amount of coverage can be a difficult balancing act. However, choosing to work with a large company ensures you receive critical information through your chosen format.

Cost-Cutting Pretesting Process

Restoration professionals aim to prevent, reduce and repair damage. These goals align with yours, as you seek to reduce claim costs and restoration is a cheaper option than replacement. Pretesting is the most effective method in analyzing damage before it escalates. The process assists workers in creating concise, clear solutions without wasting time or money.
Helping clients with their situations in their Unity Village, MO, locations can get complicated and sometimes costly. Restoration professionals can be important allies to an insurance adjuster like yourself due to these benefits and much more.

Understanding Property Damage Insurance

1/6/2020 (Permalink)

View of a desk in an office, the hands of two people, one is signing documents Investing in commercial insurance can make recuperating easier

Business owners in Raytown, MO, have a lot on their plates. From dealing with day-to-day operations, personnel and much more, a sense of security can often be lacking. Luckily, when it comes to protecting a business from the unthinkable, investing in commercial insurance can make recuperating easier.

What Does Commercial Property Insurance Cover?

At the basic level, this type of coverage helps a business deal with issues from events such as fire damage, explosion, storms, vandalism, theft and pipe bursts. Typically, phenomena like earthquakes and floods, as well as interruption loss, will require an additional layer of coverage. Other items often not covered include:

  • Internal theft
  • Vehicle damage or loss
  • Stolen cash or currency
  • Environmental damage
  • Equipment failures
  • Defective products

When personalizing coverage, it is important to take an inventory of the vital elements inside and outside of the building business is conducted to ensure full coverage of losses. The following should be assessed:

  • Business structure, including leased or owned space.
  • Office equipment and supplies, including computers, furniture, phones and copiers.
  • Vital documentation records, such as accounting or client data
  • Inventory on-site
  • Landscaping, fencing and outdoor furniture
  • Business signs, satellite dishes, security systems and other outdoor equipment

Coverage Options

Once you have an inventory of everything that needs to be covered, you can work with an agent to determine the type of commercial insurance coverage. Most plans reimburse loss based on the cost of replacement or the cash value of an item. It will also include costs of associated restoration services, depending on the situation. A replacement cost takes into consideration the repairs needed to rebuild without depreciation while a cash value payout provides funds to replace with a comparable item, including depreciation.
No matter the size of a business, commercial insurance is necessary to be ready for the unthinkable. Although it is an added cost, it is worth it if disaster hits.

The Top 5 Places Where Mold Might Be Hiding

11/24/2019 (Permalink)

Collage of four pictures of mold present in a kitchen behind walls Kitchen mold damage in Kansas City, MO

Top Five Places Where Mold Might Be Lurking

While you can call a remediation company in Kansas City, MO, if you suspect a mold problem in your home, a team of professionals is not always immediately necessary. There are varying degrees of mold growth, from itemized occurrences to full-scale infestations. The best way to understand your current mold problem is to inspect your home and know the top five places where mold might be lurking.

  1. Behind walls
  2. Under flooring
  3. HVAC systems
  4. Beneath Sinks
  5. Mechanical Closet

Behind Walls

Mold exists in dark, damp spaces. Wall cavities provide an excellent environment for spores to thrive. While you might not expect a significant issue when you come across a small area of moldy drywall, know that when mold presents on the surface of a wall, it is likely well-developed behind as well.

Under Flooring

Similar to moldy walls, mold on wood floors typically suggests a more substantial issue beneath the floorboards. However, that doesn't only go for wood floors. Some flooring types exacerbate the problem because there are limited, if any, visual clues. For example, linoleum flooring is nonporous, which means that mold cannot penetrate through to the surface.

HVAC Systems

Unfortunately, when mold growth occurs anywhere in the house, your HVAC system may have been infiltrated as well. Look for signs of discoloration of vent covers and a musty odor coming through as well.

Beneath Sinks

Another common space for mold to develop is underneath sinks. While these areas are not as hidden as some, homeowners typically store cleaners and supplies under sinks, making it difficult to discern whether there are minor leaks that could create an environment for spores to settle and multiply.

Mechanical Closet

Last, similar to cabinets under sinks, a homes mechanical closet - the area where the water heater is found - is also a prime location for mold development. These spaces are often humid and dark, and because they are not checked on regularly, leaks do occur, leading to growth and reproduction of spores.
No homeowner wants mold growth developing in their home. Therefore, it is necessary to inspect your house vigilantly and to call for professional help when needed.

Benefits of Becoming Preferred Vendors

4/4/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO leader in fire, water and mold restoration

Leaders in the cleanup and restoration community work to maintain performance guidelines and standards. Those guidelines assure Unity Village, MO, consumers and other industry professionals that the best restoration practices are followed during cleanup and remediation procedures. To maintain a reputation for having the top-quality services, vendors must maintain compliance with professional qualifications. This compliance can then reassure the insurance agent that the cleanup technicians will keep costs down without sacrificing quality.

Why Technicians Belong to Vendor Programs

SERVPRO participates in a qualified vendor program and, as a result, can offer several valuable resources.

  • A National Call Center for quick completion of claims
  • Best practices and job process implementation
  • Annual qualification criteria compliance checks
  • Standards for crews and vehicles
  • File documentation and insurance requirements
  • Strict quality assurance program

As part of SERVPRO's participation in this program, all professionals agree to abide by 21 different guidelines. Those requirements run the gamut from insurance coverage to background checks on employees. Ongoing checks and inspections ensure that clients receive the best service from cleanup and restoration technicians.

Resources to Improve Services

When a consumer or insurance agent contacts SERVPRO, each step of the process can be tracked and reported. This begins with the first phone call reporting the loss and continues until the documents are completed by the Claims Information Center.

To further improve the services provided by cleanup and restoration professionals, the company has obtained IICRC validation for proper drying techniques and equipment use. A Claims Information Center speeds up claim response times and provides comprehensive reporting information.

Improvements for All Parties

With access to plenty of franchise resources, professionals and technicians have the right qualifications to provide top-quality work while keeping claims costs down. The requirements that cover emergency response calls, pretesting efforts, claims inventory procedures, and electronic claims make it easier for a Unity Village, MO, insurance agent to bring open processes to a close.

The Importance of Pretesting for Water Categories

3/8/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Claim

Anyone who has experienced flooding is likely familiar with the various colors associated with floodwaters: white/clear, gray and black. These colors are often tied to a category and a classification which specifies the amount of safety precautions necessary and the level of mitigation and clean out. When filing a claim, it is critical to know the category and classification because each ascending level impacts the severity and costs of damage. Therefore, pretesting is used to designate the category and classification of water to ensure that claims and restorative preparations are efficient and accurate.

1. Category One

When filing an insurance claim, category one, or white/clear, water is the least expensive to remedy. The source is sanitary, meaning that there is no harmful bacteria or sewage present. While this category can be a relief, it is still necessary to act quickly to remove the water and repair the damage. If the water sits for too long, it can be contaminated by other items in the area, causing an elevation in category or classification.

2. Category Two

If the water is found to be category two, or grey water, through pretesting, then it is best that you do not go near it. This result indicates that there are organic and inorganic substances in the water and that you may become ill if it is consumed or touched.

3. Category Three

Category three, or black water, is the most dangerous water. The level of contamination includes sewage, chemicals, bacteria and possible toxins. It is likely that your insurance agent and company will recommend a disaster restoration specialist in the Raytown, MO area who will probably seal the space as they work to remove the water safely.

Insurance claims require accurate representations of the damage to a property. Pretesting provides those assessments for insurers by providing definitive information about the category and classification of the water and damage to your home.

The Restoration Company for All Insurance Adjusters

2/8/2019 (Permalink)

As a leader in fire and water cleanup and restoration, SERVPRO of Raytown/East Kansas City offers your insurance company an array of competitive advantages. Our goal is to restore both your customer’s property and their peace of mind through timely mitigation and adherence to IICRC standards. The result? Lower claims costs and satisfied customers – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

SERVPRO of Raytown/East Kansas City is uniquely qualified to help. Our results create a measurable difference, giving you many competitive advantages. We understand your situation. As an agent or adjuster, you have a responsibility to keep claims costs down while still providing the best services possible for your customers.

Emergency Response to Claims

Restoring property is our first priority. Your customer will appreciate the immediate response and you will know everything is being done to limit the damage.

Pretesting Reduces Claims Expense

Restoring property is less expensive than replacing property. Claims Professionals know the rule is, "Restore whenever possible, replace only when necessary." Our highly-trained professionals make sure pretesting is completed on every loss to determine restorability.

Claims Inventory Service

At SERVPRO of Raytown/East Kansas City we can provide an itemized loss inventory. You will receive a link to an inventory site that will provide pictures of important items and the status of the contents in the cleaning process.

Electronic Claims Information

Our Claims Information Center provides fast, accurate information you need to make sound decisions, including:

  • A Complete Electronic Job File
    • First Notice of Loss
    • Detailed Estimate
    • Digital Loss Photos
    • Scanned Forms and Paperwork
    • All delivered by email or hard copy
  • On-line Access to All Files
    • New Assignments
    • Pending Jobs
    • Completed Jobs
  • Informative Reports to Improve Results
    • Job Cost Data
  • Performance Comparison to Industry Standard

Superior, Time-Tested Training

Effective training is the best way to help ensure your customers receive the service they deserve. Our staff is trained to IICRC standards in Fire and Water Cleanup and Restoration. In addition, continuing education classes are available to all SERVPRO Franchise Professionals at SERVPRO Industries, Inc.'s state of the art IICRC Approved Training Facility.

Vendor Qualification Compliance and Professionalism

If you call SERVPRO of Raytown/East Kansas City, we will use only qualified vendors to service your customer. That commitment resulted in:

  • A National Call Center to achieve prompt handling of the claim
  • Implementation of best practices and job process programs
  • National Accounts qualification criteria and annual compliance checks
  • Crew and vehicle standards
  • Insurance requirements
  • File documentation requirements
  • Quality assurance program

Serving Adjusters and Their Clients

Our job is to reassure the customer, perform quality service and to report to you quickly. We know your job is to interpret the policy and adjust the claim and not to deal with problems from vendors. Working together we strive to save you time so you can focus on priority files, while having complete control of every loss you are assigned. 24-hour emergency response, damage mitigation, loss assessment, and an electronic file are available to you within hours. Our documented, measured performance increases value to you and your shareholders, managers and customers.

Hard-earned results have made SERVPRO of Raytown/East Kansas City a leader in the fire and water cleanup and restoration industry. The SERVPRO System is geared to achieve customer satisfaction and mitigation results, adding to your company’s competitive advantage.

Call SERVPRO of Raytown/East Kansas City today at 816-737-8776!

Ice Damming; What is it?

2/7/2019 (Permalink)

Weather is often the most obvious culprit behind a host of problems including building or structural damage, injuries, mold growth, water damage or flood.

An ice dam is a common occurrence in winter in areas where snow is in plenty such as the Hereford Zone. Basically, an ice dam refers to build-up of ice on sloped roofs’ edges of heated buildings. The build up occurs when melting snow beneath a snow pack reaches the roof edge or eave and freezes there.

The frozen snow on the eave prevents the meltwater drainage that further builds the ice dam. The backup of meltwater causes water leakage and structural damage to buildings and their contents. Ice dams can also damage ceilings, walls, insulation and other areas. When there are areas of dampness, the risk of mold growth is also high.

What causes ice dams?

Along with snow, the outside surface temperature on the roof should be more than 32 degrees F with lower surfaces on the roof being less than 32.  When outer surface temperature is more than 32, the snow begins to melt. The melted snow flows down into the roof and reaches the lower surface where the temperature is less than 32 and here is where it freezes forming an ice dam.

Sources of heat within the building lead to formation of ice dams include:

  • Chimneys
  • Air leakage
  • Improper insulation
  • Exhaust systems

Ice dams and injuries

Ice dams can cause serious injuries and some businesses and homeowners have experienced property damage up to $20,000 because of this phenomenon.

Many of the claims are because of property damage that occurred due to pooled water in the ice dam or roofs collapsing.

Why choose SERVPRO? SERVPRO is the leading specialist in water removal and clean-up when your property or structure is at high risk of damage from ice damming or water leaks. With state-of-the-art drying techniques and water removal equipment, SERVPRO can help restore the building to its original glory.

Understand our Terms and Lingo

1/23/2019 (Permalink)

Terms used in the Insurance Industry by restoration professionals.

SERVPRO of Raytown/East Kansas City is always "Here to Help". We know the jargon can be confusing so we usually try to break it down as easy as we can out in the field, but we know that our customers like to stay informed. Here are some common terms used in the field with their definition so you can understand better what is happening in your home or business.

Anti-Microbials: A substance, mechanism, or condition that inhibits the growth or existence of an organism.Commonly applied after a water damage to prevent mold from developing.

Fire Damage Recovery: The process of restoring and recovering property and belongings after a fire. The objectives include minimizing existing damage, damage mitigation, structure stabilization, soot & odor removal and reconstruction.

Fungi: The unicellular or multicellular eukaryotic/ DNA organisms embracing a large group of microflora including: molds, mildews, yeasts, mushrooms, rusts and smuts.

HVAC: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

HEPA Filter: High efficiency particulate air filter, a specialized filter capable of removing 99.7% of particles. Commonly used in mold or odor job sites. HEPA Vacuum or HEPA air scrubber. 

Masking Agents: Designed to prevent or remove heightened awareness to odors by providing a fragrance, which is stronger and more pleasant to smell while the source of the odor is being eliminated.

Smoke Damage Removal: Neutralizing or removing smoke odors that linger after fires.

Smoke Particles: Smoke is composed of gases / sometimes aerosols, and airborne solids. Dry wood, natural fibers and paper all produce small non-smearing material. Plastic, foam, and rubber (polymers) produce large easily smeared residues.

ERP's and Why They Are Important

12/5/2018 (Permalink)

Being a business owner can have many responsibilities, and you may have to take on multiple roles.

In most cases, disaster is the last thing you are thinking about, but every business owner, regardless of how new or old your business is, should have a plan and guide for what to do in the event of a disaster.

SERVPRO of Raytown/East Kansas City offers a free community service called the "Emergency Ready Plan", or an ERP.

ERP's are handy little guides that we make at SERVPRO that contain basic information regarding your property, who owns the property, and where your emergency shut off locations are.

We document and photograph where your electrical, water, and gas shut offs are, as well as your sprinkler system and security system. We also have the contacts for those utilities companies in the event that you must make contact.

Key contacts are also listed in the ERP, such as the owner, the insurance agent for the property, the SERVPRO representative, and the managers of the building.

The emergency contacts and services page has the fire department and police department's emergency and non-emergency numbers as well, that way, if contact is needed, you know where to find all those phone numbers and contact points.

It's very beneficial to have an ERP because although the business owner might know where everything is and who to contact, your employees might not know. Having a guide like this can help so much if the business owner is not present.

ERP's are very convenient as well, we are able to provide a paper copy, and we can provide a digital version on the Ready Plan app! Which makes ERP's very easy to access in times of need.

When you run a business, it's good to prepare for not just the next day's shift, but for the things that happen unexpectedly.

SERVPRO of Raytown/East Kansas City is always here to help!